Johan Nyqvist

Expressions and impressions. Life experience. The differences and similarities of human cultures. The mystery of evolution. The music, the colors, the smell. I love all that. Yet I've only seen a fraction. I like photos. I love to see the real thing. And I hope to see more.

I am an ecologist and eco-engineer. I have tried my best to see the world. As a means to capture the overwhelming coolness of the planet photography and the lust for a good shot has led me to places I thought only possible to visit in my sleep.

Previously an eco consultant in environmental management, ecotourism and design, I am currently working with large carnivore management in Östersund, in the north of Sweden.

Alpine and tropical places intrigues me. I hope these pictures will intrigue you too. Please tell me if they do!

Johan Nyqvist,

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