The Idea

There is no idea. There is no grand scheme. There's only past, present and future. Earth. Now.

FrogsPerspective is about the feel of the world, of the planet. It is an expression of all the impressions available out there - whether you're freezing or sweating, you touch, taste, hear, feel or smell.

Some of it is possible to capture through a cameras lens, but the best is to be right in the middle of it.

This is not a marketing gimmick. The photos on this site are not here because of their presumed technical brilliance, their composition or their level of difficulty to snap. They're here because they're photos of people, animals and plants. Pictures from Earth.

FrogsPerspective is a photo experience to remind us that whatever shoes we're in, we can only have a frog's perspective on the planet. We are a part of the entity and we can do good or bad, harm or be harmed, and love. And be loved.

Leaf, Mindo Cloud Forest, Ecuador.

© Johan Nyqvist 2009. All Rights Reserved. Permission is required to use any image.